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Nacho Arenas

District Director

A proud Toastmasters member since 2009, having served at all levels since then. Apart from that, a Telecom Engineer and MBA, working for a multinational company. When not working or in Toastmasters, he might be organizing the next Ignite Madrid event, sailing in the Mediterranean sea, taking photos while travelling travelling somewhere in the world, or practicing the last learnt steps in salsa and bachata.


Cristina Juesas

Program Quality Director

Communications Consultant, Public Speaking Coach, and Lecturer during the day, just to pay the bills. At night, and since 2014, I’m Licensee and Mother of Dragons at TEDxVitoriaGasteiz. I love country line dancing and road tripping. My superpower is to know the lyrics of thousands of songs, even in languages that I don’t speak.


Sara Magalhães

Club Growth Director

I’ve been a toastmaster for more than 10 years. Since I joined my life changed for better. I discovered myself as a communicator, a leader, and most of all a more confident person. My Educational Background includes a law degree, a post graduation in public management and a Mba. Professionally I’ve been managing teams for more than ten years, in areas such as IT, law, human resources, among others. My hobbies include travelling, dancing and playing padel, and of course Toastmasters. This year as Club Growth Director I want to help reinforce our district with more clubs, stronger clubs,  high quality clubs! For you and with you let’s make magic happen!


Sérgio Águia

Public Relations Manager

“Always be yourself! Unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman.”

That´s my goal, always be unique, better and true to myself.

I´m a motion graphic designer and filmmaker since i put my fingers in my first computer (Spectrum 128K) and camera, and since then I have been always playing with pictures, video and graphics.

Joined Toastmasters to become a better Public Speaker, but it´s he Leadership Path that is becoming my true passion.


Victor Lopez

Finance Manager



Sandra Almeida Duarte

Administration Manager

“Life is too short to be normal. Stay weird!”. Or, at least, stay as weird as you can.

This is my motto and probably the reason why my friends call me freak magnet: I can’t resist to anything freaky.

Being a member since 2013, in Toastmasters I have found my place and part of my family. Huge fan of F.C.Porto!!! My other hobbies are travelling, eating and playing sports. Ahhh, during the day, I am also a lawyer!



Norberto Amaral


In the last few years my life changed completely. From being a Physics engineering graduate, then programmer and systems project manager everything changed after becoming the organiser of TEDxPorto and a Toastmaster. I left my company after 15 years and launched a consultancy company and not I’m a communications trainer, coach and consultant.

I remain a passionate and committed Toastmaster. Being the parlamentarian this year will give me one more challenge and I’m so looking forward to what’s to come!


Gustavo Manuel Amaro

IT Manager

Computer engineer that really loves Toastmasters spirit and likes to travel and discover new places and experiences. Toastmasters District conferences had been a great opportunity to mingle with Toastmasters across Europe and, sometimes, visit local clubs. This year, as IT Manager, hope to bring a bit of my professional experience to Toastmasters community and help to build the new District 107 – Toastmasters Iberia.


Nelson Emilio

Immediate Past District Director



Division A Director – Pablo Garcia

Area A1 Director – Manolo Lopez

Area A2 Director – Lidia Torres

Area A3 Director – David Gomez

Area A4 Director – Maria Angel Manovell

Area A5 Director – Gabriel Balsera

Division B Director – Alba Lucia Hincapié

Area B1 Director – Josep Liras Riera

Area B2 Director – Paul Conde

Area B3 Director – Michael Chackal

Area B4 Director – Gemma Sarsa

Division C Director – Vanessa Baeta

Area C1 Director – Rui Henriques

Area C2 Director – Vera Cunha

Area C3 Director – Margarida Veríssimo

Area C4 Director – Patrícia Rodrigues

Division D Director – Gonçalo Afonso

Area D1 Director – José Gonçalves

Area D2 Director – António Mendes

Area D3 Director – Georgina Menau

Division E Director – Clara Noble

Area E1 Director – Rui Figueiredo

Area E2 Director – João Silva

Area E3 Director – Jorge Ruas

Division F Director – Laura Bueno Rubiales

Area F1 Director – Claudia Villarreal

Area F2 Director – Alan Garnier

Area F3 Director – Isabelle Steiner

For any further information, contact info[a]district107.org