Winners of the fist ever Iberia Speaking Games

Table Topis:
1- Paul Conde
2- Nicole Boroumand
3- Lério Cunha

1- Nicole Boroumand
2 – Sofia Ribeiro
3 – António Mendes

Over all Champion
1- Nicole Boroumand
2- Sofia Ribeiro
3 – António Mendes

Congratulations to the winners and to all the athletes competing!
You were amazing!


The Rules of the Games – 2018



1. We will have Speaking Games!

2. We are going to have fun!

3. We will speak!

4. We will have athletes!

5. We will have speeches and table topics.

6. We will evaluate them!!

7. We will have athletes who are going to win medals!

Rules for applying

1. All Toastmasters members from District 107 (excluding the District Officers) can participate.

2. To participate the member needs to be in good standing.

3. To participate the member needs to be already registered and paid in Toastmasters Iberia Summit.

4. The athlete will participate in BOTH table topics and prepared speeches (5-7 minutes, with no specific speech type).

5. To participate the athlete needs to send an application by filling the form by 23rd, september. https://goo.gl/forms/KMKXrm7TiseQSfi13

6. There are going to be two athletes from each division, i.e. a total of 10 athletes.

7. The official language for the speeches is English.

Rules for selecting the athletes

1. There will be a team to select the athletes.

2. That team will include representatives from the corresponding Division team, the Summit organization team and the District Core Team.

3. This team will evaluate the applications and will select two athletes from each Division.

4. Applicants will send a 2-minute video with a teaser about the prepared speech (5-7 minutes). This video will be evaluated following the table topic ballot criteria from the Toastmasters Speech Contest Rulebook.

5. Every evaluation team member will see and evaluate all the videos.

6. The ones who have the biggest score will represent their Divisions (two athletes from each division)

7. The athletes will be informed of their participation until the 3rd October.

Rules for the Games in the Summit (27th October 2018)

1. There will be three prizes: Table Topics, Speeches and the Overall winner.

2. The Table Topics and the prepared Speeches competition will be judged following the corresponding criteria set out in the Toastmasters Speech Contest Rulebook (Table Topics and International Speeches).

3. Judges’ Eligibility will also follow the criteria set out in the Toastmasters Speech Contest Rulebook.


The evaluation team and the Program Quality Director will solve any questions or issues missing in this small Rules of the Games.