Fellow Toastmasters.

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Hello, fellow Toastmasters and friends!
A new Toastmasters year is beginning and with it, new challenges and adventures are on the horizon!!
And if there is one thing we all know that is certain, it’s uncertainty!
We don’t know if our training this year will be held in person…but we sure hope so.
We don’t know if our clubs will be able to meet physically this year…but we are aiming for it.
We don’t know if this year’s conferences will bring us together to celebrate, learn, share, and party like we know how…but we will plan and work to make it happen.
So let’s be ready to embrace a great year ahead, with a plan “A” where all the above will be possible, but also with plans “B, C, and D” for all the unpredictable scenarios.
Last year we proved to ourselves that we are ready to face challenges, that we are resilient, and that we know how to adapt, adjust and grow!
We are no longer Iberia. We have embraced Morocco, our lovely neighbor, now a part of our growing District. We are spreading across the globe!
Let’s be realistic and keep optimistic. Let’s work on plans “A, B, C, and D” and build strong teams to help implement them. Let’s also be guided by our Toastmasters core values: Integrity, Respect, Service, and Excellence to enable us to achieve our goals.
I’m confident that by the end of the year, we will all say: I learned, I enjoyed the ride, I had fun, and I will leave a legacy that I am proud of! After all, this is the Toastmasters spirit.
Happy new TM year to all of you. Let’s embrace 2021-2022.
The District Team is here to serve you!!
Sara Magalhães