Dear Toastmasters, Welcome on board of District 107 the newest addition to Toastmasters International. This is our first term and I am excited to be elected by you to lead the new District as District Director, along with an impressive and dynamic team of District Officers. Although we start the year in a new structure that comprises Andorra, Portugal, and Spain, we have a legacy of many years of experience we should leverage at all levels. I and the rest of the District Officers are available to support in achieving the goals you and your Club define, so please contact any of us whenever you need our support, whenever you have an idea of improvement or whenever you want to share a success story, we do really want to hear from you on how we can do better.

I strongly believe in the individual contribution of each member of our District to make their Club successful but also to go beyond it, supporting other Clubs and Toastmasters independently of the Area or Division they belong to, as so, I challenge every one of you to forget boundaries and reach out for help and to help other members and Clubs whenever needed, as I foresee a united District capable to provide our members with the best Toastmaster experience in our Clubs and, as a consequence put our District as one of the best in the world.

I invite each one of you to work together, be committed to excel with passion, take the best out of this great experience and make this envisioned future a dream come true. Welcome to our new District 107, welcome to Toastmasters Iberia. Nelson Emilio District Director – District 107

District 107 team: District Director: Nelson Emilio – dd[a] Program Quality Director: Nacho Arenas – pqd[a] Club Growth Director: Cristina Juesas – cgd[a] Public Relations Manager: Sara Magalhães – prm[a] Finance Manager: Ray Noble – fm[a] Administration Manager: Raquel Garcia – am[a] Immediate Past District Director: Ana Isabel Lage Ferreira – ipdd[a] Parliamentarian: Pablo Garcia – parlm[a] IT Manager: Gustavo Amaro – itm[a] Division A Director – Victor Lopez Area A1 Director – Benito Veja Area A2 Director – Olga Barroso Area A3 Director – Ray Sweeney Area A4 Director – Fernando de Urien Muniz Area A5 Director – Angela Fuertes Area A6 Director – Mauro Boscia Area A7 Director – Isabelle Steiner   Division B Director – Sandra Duarte Area B1 Director – David Compte Area B2 Director – Alba Lucia Hincapie Serna Area B3 Director – Tanja Haubner Area B4 Director – Roshanna Evans Area B5 Director – Michelle Basile   Division C Director – Vera Cunha Area C1 Director – Paulo Sérgio Pinto Area C2 Director – Vanessa Baeta Area C3 Director – Angela Lopes Area C4 Director – Sérgio Tavares   Division D Director – Carla Farinha Area D1 Director – Susana Faria Area D2 Director – Gonçalo Afonso Area D3 Director – Stephen Hugman   Division E Director – Alexa Noble Area E1 Director – Cristina Carapinha Area E2 Director – Pedro Costa Area E3 Director – David Oliveira   For any further information, contact info[a]