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Cristina Juesas

District Director

I joined Toastmasters back in 2013 and I’m enjoying every second of the journey. Wearing-many-hats is my middle name. During the day, I am a Communications Consultant, Public Speaking Coach, Dircom, and Lecturer, just to pay the bills. At night, and since 2014, I turn into Licensee and Mother of Dragons at TEDxVitoriaGasteiz and Ignite Vitoria-Gasteiz. I love country line dancing and road tripping. My superpower is to know the lyrics of thousands of songs, even in languages that I don’t speak.


Sara Magalhães

Program Quality Director

I’ve been a toastmaster for more than 10 years. Since I joined my life changed for better. I discovered myself as a communicator, a leader, and most of all a more confident person. My Educational Background includes a law degree, a post graduation in public management and a Mba. Professionally I’ve been managing teams for more than ten years, in areas such as IT, law, human resources, among others. My hobbies include travelling, dancing and playing padel, and of course Toastmasters.


Pablo García

Club Growth Director

Pablo was born in Salamanca and has lived in Madrid for 13 years already. Teachers’ blood, everlasting learner. The youngest of 8 siblings. Telecommunications Engineer. Passionate about traveling and especially about knowing and living new cultures. Toastmaster since 2015, he is in love with its principles and the people belonging to this great worldwide family. He went to Erasmus in Athens (2006-07). “Father” of hieroglyphs (ask him). He always seeks the positive aspect of everything and every situation. As a Club Growth Director he wants to help members to strengthen their clubs, and he’s willing to grow the family all over the District.



Vera Cunha

Public Relations Manager

I am a people person, passionate about creativity, communication, words and aesthetics.

Creating is my motto and I am always trying differentapproaches. I believe that we are all Public Relations Managers because theway we speak about our experience makes us Toastmasters Ambassadors. So, this is a teamwork!

I am a Toastmaster since 2014 and I am still around because I am pretty sure that I have a lot to learn! And, here, is the right place to become more skilled, trained and confident! And, besides everything else what a great bunch of people you can find here! Come and experience it by yourself!



Sandra Almeida Duarte

Finance Manager

“Life is too short to be normal. Stay weird!”. Or, at least, stay as weird as you can.

This is my motto and probably the reason why my friends call me freak magnet: I can’t resist to anything freaky.

Being a member since 2013, in Toastmasters I have found my place and part of my family. Huge fan of F.C.Porto!!! My other hobbies are travelling, eating and playing sports. Ahhh, during the day, I am also a lawyer!



Norberto Amaral

Administrator Manager

After a career of over 20 years in systems development, project management and innovation management, I am now a communications consultant, trainer and coach. Toastmasters played a key role in this change and starting this new and exciting activity! I love it as I am continually learning and meeting new people with whom I share so many values!
Being a member of the District Core Team fills me with passion, joy, and commitment. Being the Administration Manager this year will allow me to apply my organisation skills and contribute to a smooth running to the District’s business!



Alicia Mancheño


A Telecom Engineer and MBA, I joined Toastmasters in 2014. There was a step change
in my professional career the very first day
I used my recently adquired speaking skills in front of an audience.
I have since then tried to pay back by serving in numerous leadership roles, including Area
Director and District Conference Chair. I am also Madrid Technovation Ambassador, promoting STEM vocations amongst girls aged 10-18.
There is also a creative part of me, usually
satisfied by sewing my own cloths and making pottery, although I like to try other crafts.


Diego Alonso

 IT Manager

in 2016  I joined Toastmasters  where i loved every single meeting and contest to do what I always wanted… Improving myself. I am a Computer engineer that invests time in TEDxVitoriaGasteiz and Gamaker inventors’ association.

Let me be your backup as IT manager, so you can practise in toastmasters without troubles.

If you would like to help on creating a modern experience  online for our district, let me know about you.

Lets keep on  building the young District 107 – Toastmasters Iberia.


Nacho Arenas

Inmediate Past District Director

A proud Toastmasters member since 2009, having served at all levels since then. Apart from that, a Telecom Engineer and MBA, working for a multinational company. When not working or in Toastmasters, he might be organizing the next Ignite Madrid event, sailing in the Mediterranean sea, taking photos while travelling somewhere in the world, or practicing the last learnt steps in salsa and bachata.


Division A Director – Mauro Boscia

Area A1 Director – Patricia Sanabria

Area A2 Director – José Manuel Tourné

Area A3 Director – Laura Morillo

Area A4 Director – Xiang Wang

Area A5 Director – Beatriz De la Serna

Division B Director – Paul Conde

Area B1 Director – Adam Goldthorp

Area B2 Director – Christine R. Twarog

Area B3 Director – Michael Chackal

Area B4 Director – Monika Wasserfur

Division C Director – Silvia Vilas

Area C1 Director – Jorge Oliveira

Area C2 Director – Ana S. Carvalho

Area C3 Director – Cristina Trovão

Area C4 Director – Anabela Pereira

Division D Director – António Mendes

Area D1 Director – José T. Gomes

Area D2 Director – António Lopez

Area D3 Director – Conceiçao Cruz

Division E Director – Jorge Ruas

Area E1 Director – João Brito

Area E2 Director – Áurea Sequeira

Area E3 Director – Sheila Camoesas

Division F Director – Claudia Villarreal

Area F1 Director – Ali Parendeh

Area F2 Director – Chema Garteizgogogeascoa

Area F3 Director – Autum Lynn Casuto

For any further information, contact info[a]district107.org